Torea-pango (Oyster Catcher) Chick Killed by Dog on Otama Beach

Sadly, our Torea-pango (Oyster Catcher) chick – the first surviving one in 5 years was killed by a dog on Sunday the 2nd of February. This is very disappointing as the ORG and DOC put a lot of time and effort to protect the area’s native bird’s  fledglings from predators in the sand dune, lagoon area and wetland. An extensive trap line is set up and monitored regularly along the sand dune and reserves including the wetland, and DOC has a designated ranger Lisa Kearney who monitors the birdlife on the beaches in the area.

The dog involved is known to the authorities and DOC sent the dead fledgling for DNA testing. We are hoping that the owners will be prosecuted to send out a message to dog owners that they must keep their dogs under control at all times on the beach.
Changes to the TCDC Dog By-Laws have seen a significant increase in dogs at the eastern end of Otama Beach chasing and endangering bird life in the lagoon / sand dune area despite DOC signage. The ORG is bringing this matter to the attention of DOC and TCDC.