Otama Reserves Group, Inc

'Protect, Restore, Preserve'

The Otama Reserves Group Inc. (ORG)  is a group of committed volunteers, representing the Otama Community and working in collaboration with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to protect, restore and preserve the public conservation reserves at Otama.

Join our preservation project to protect the precious coastal environment which links the
native forest to the estuary and one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Coromandel, home to one of New Zealand’s most significant regenerating sand dune systems, a beautiful wetland and recreational reserve and several endangered bird and plant species, as well as 4 significant archeological pa sites of the Ngati Hei.

Our Reserves

The Otama Reserves Group looks after the following public conservation reserves:

  • Otama Wetland (26 hectares)
  • Otama Sand Dunes Recreation Reserve (15.51 hectares)
  • Otama Beach Recreation Reserve (13.79 hectares)
  • Black Jack Scenic Reserve (90.8 hectares)

We are passionate about maintaining and enhancing the pristine natural environment of Otama and restoring its native flora and fauna.

Our Supporters

We couldn't operate without the generous funding and support from our supporters